Environment and Safety

Environmental Responsibilities

Hitic recognises the significance of environmental management, and is committed to minimize the ecological footprint of petroleum production. We make great efforts in protecting the ecosystem of our operation sites, by studying environmental sensitivities in the regions and maintaining ethical practices through regulations and strong management.

Safety Regulations

Hitic believes that our people are the most valuable asset we have. To ensure the health and safety of our employees, contractors, and to protect the environment of the communities we work and live in, Hitic Energy aims to fulfill and surpass all regulatory standards, as well as provincial and federal laws that apply. We will be providing safety trainings, skill updates, and beneficial programs that will ensure and encourage the well-being of our employees. Other programs and guidelines such as risk management, operation procedures, and emergency response will be closely monitored and regularly updated. With the right conduct and management policies, we believe that all incidents could be prevented.

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